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Transformers - 50/60Hz

Encapsulated PCB Mount 50/60Hz Transformers

Encapsulated safety transformers for print mounting from 0.35VA to more than 100VA.
Several versions complete with VDE or UL approvals.

Use our high quality components for trouble-free power supply and as guarantee for lasting performance of your appliances.
  Encapsulated PCB Mount 50/60HZ Transformers

Open Version PCB Mount 50/60Hz Transformers

A series of open version safety transformers designed for print mount.

Powerrange from 0.4VA. Options with thermofuse or PTC used as protection are available.
  Open Version PCB Mount Transformers 50/60Hz

50/60Hz Terminal block Transformers

Smart series of transformers mounted with terminal blocks for in- and output.

Typically designed with a built-in thermo fuse in the primary winding as protection.

Output power from 3.5VA.
  Terminal Block Transformers 50/60Hz

Panel Fixing 50/60Hz Transformers

Safety transformers are important components for trouble-free power supply and they guarantee the lasting performance of appliances.

These transformers are designed for Panel Fixing.
  Panel Fixing Transformers 50/60Hz

Custom Design Transformer

We offer a very large standard program of inductive components, but this is only the surface of how we can help...

Special Design  - Custom Design -
- Custom Design -

Different kinds of standard "laminated iron-core" transformers.
Some with terminals for print mounting, - both encapsulated and open versions.
Some with terminal blocks and some for panel fixing...

If you can´t find what you need, ask for it!

Overview Transformers 50/60Hz:

  EI and UI Transformers