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Current Sensors & Transformers

ASM Series Current Sensors 1-100A Low price

ASM Series current sensors operate as the sealed secondary of a current transformer while the conductor carrying the current to be measured functions as a one turn primary.   ASM Series Current Sensors 1-100A

AC Series Current Transformers - 50/60Hz

Low Cost 50/60Hz Current Transformers - Primary Measuring Current 5A-200A 

Excellent quality at extremely competitive pricing due to high volume production

For applications like Sensing Overload Current, Ground Fault Detection, Metering, Analog to Digital Circuits....
  AC Series - 50/60Hz

AS Series Current Sensors - HF 20-200kHz

AS Series Current Sensors are designed as a low cost method of controlling, monitoring or measuring AC currents.

The sensors serve as feedback elements between the output and pulse control circuitry providing accurate regulation of switch mode power supplies.
  AS Series - HF 20-200kHz

Custom Design Transformer

We offer a very large standard program of inductive components, but this is only the surface of how we can help...

Special Design  - Custom Design -
- Custom Design -

We offer a wide variety of current sensors and current transformers, both custom-designed to the customers´  specifications and also a comprehensive "standard" range of magnetics.

Overview Current Sensors & Transformers:

  Current Sensors & Transformers