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SwitchMode Transformers

Common Mode Chokes

We provide a number of ranges of Common Mode Chokes.

The Common Mode Chokes are available in sizes ranging from standard to ultra miniature in both DIL and SMD styles and offer compatibility with all common footprints.
  Common Mode Chokes

AS Series - HF 20-200kHz

AS Series Current Sensors are designed as a low cost method of controlling, monitoring or measuring AC currents.

The sensors serve as feedback elements between the output and pulse control circuitry providing accurate regulation of switch mode power supplies.
  AS Series - HF 20-200kHz

Power Inductors & Chokes

We provide a number of ranges of Power Inductors & Chokes like: Linear Storage Chokes, High Efficiency Chokes, High Stability Chokes, Power Inductors, SMD Chokes, Miniature Chokes and Chokes for National´s Simple Switcher series.   Power Inductors & ChokesPower Inductors & Chokes

Chokes & Filters (ex.)

Custom Design Transformer

We offer a very large standard program of inductive components, but this is only the surface of how we can help...

Special Design  - Custom Design -
- Custom Design -

A complete range of transformers and inductors for SMPS applications is available to your specifications...
  • Drive Transformers
  • Control Transformers
  • Flyback Transformers
  • High Current Inductors
  • Current Transformers
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Output Chokes
  • Differential Mode Chokes, etc.
  Example - Switch Mode Transformer
Formats used include:
  • ETD / EFD
  • EF/ EE / EC
  • U core
  • RM / EP / P / PQ
  • Planar
  • Toroid
  • Bobbin core
  Example - Switch Mode Transformer
We employ a wide variation in winding construction.:
  • Multi-strand copper
  • Foil
  • Litz
  • Heavy duty copper
  • Tripple insulated wire
  • Margin tapes
  Example - Switch Mode Transformer
We can also help with:
  • Cost-effective alternative materials
  • Requirements for safety standards (e.g. EN 60065, EN 60950)
  • Design assistance
  • Test series
  • Pilotseries
  • High-volume production
Overview SwitchMode HF: