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Telecom & Network

ADSL Transformers

We offer a cost effective range of transformers and inductors for ASDL applications.

The units are available in the most popular footprints in both through hole and surface mount configurations.

The transformers are matched to all leading chip sets and meet the requirements of ANSI and ETSI standards, while offering very low THD, permitting maximum loop length.
  ADSL TransformersADSL Transformers

E1/E3/T1/T3/S2M Transformer

We offer a wide range of E1/T1/PRI/CEPT Transformers & Modules.   E1/E3/T1/T3/S2M TransformerE1/E3/T1/T3/S2M Transformer


HDSL/SHDSL & SDSL Transformers and Chokes.   HDSL/SHDSL/SDSL Transformers

ISDN Transformer & Transformer Module

We provide SMD and Through-Hole transformers and chokes both in modules and in single packages for S and U Interface applications.   ISDN Transformer & Transformer Module

VDSL Miniature SMD Transformer

We offer a VDSL Low Profile SMD Transformer. The transformer complies with requirements of IEC60950, EN60950, UL60950, CSA60950 and AS/NZ60950.   VDSL Miniature SMD Transformers

LTM-110A - Line Interface 56kbps Modem Transformer

The LTM 110A Line Interface 56kbps Modem Transformers are designed for V.90 applications. They meet IEC60950 Supplementary Isolation levels and are of excellent quality at competitive price due to high volume production.   LTM-110A - Line Interface Modem Transformer


Common Mode Chokes

We provide a number of ranges of Common Mode Chokes.

The Common Mode Chokes are available in sizes ranging from standard to ultra miniature in both DIL and SMD styles and offer compatibility with all common footprints.
  Common Mode Chokes

Custom Design Transformer

We offer a very large standard program of inductive components, but this is only the surface of how we can help...

Special Design  - Custom Design -
- Custom Design -

We offer a wide variety of magnetic components for Telecom & Network, both custom-designed to the customers´s specifications and also a comprehensive "standard" range of magnetics.

Overview Telecom & Network:
  Telecom & Network Transformers